Daycare Cleaning Services NYC

Nothing is more important in cleaning today then the health of our kids. We are not just satisfied with having your school sparkling clean, but most importantly how germ free we keep your school. Billions of dollars in revenue are lost because of absenteeism yearly. Having a child absent from day care school is a set back for the child as well as the parent and the daycare center.

We use the latest most effective and safest products to protect against bacteria and viruses in day care schools with our hydrogen peroxide cleaners. This hydrogen peroxide cleaner will not only have your school looking and smelling good, but ABSOLUTELY safe for use around our children and faculty alike.

All of our cleaning staff are background checked, and trained in the use of the latest procedures, and products to assure the highest level of cleaning, safety, and hygiene on school property. You will be happy to have the same day care cleaning personal NYC on a daily basis, along with our booklet which will be on hands for daily communication with you and our management team  at your school property.

We service NYC daycare cleaning service, Brooklyn NY daycare cleaning service, Bronx NY daycare cleaning service, Queens NY daycare cleaning service, and Staten Island NY daycare cleaning. Call us today 646 381 2766 for a walk through followed by a proposal with reasonable fees, or go to our contacts and send us a time that is good for you to meet for a walk through. We will have you very satisfied for choosing us.